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#IdleNoMore Wisconsin Sovereign Nations! for Mashkiziibii (Medicine Water) PROTECT & SERVE MOTHER EARTH - CLEAN LAND+AIR+WATER = LIFE ... STOP THE MINES ...
MISSION The, "Idle No More calls on all people to join in a revolution which honors and fulfills Indigenous sovereignty which protects the land and water." The movement wants to "stop the government from passing more laws and legislation that will further erode treaty and indigenous rights and the rights of all Indigenous people globally." - We are in Solidarity with Canada, Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin to Idle No More, Protect our Lands and Water.

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#IDLE NO MORE WISCONSIN - A Peaceful Movement of Integrity and Honor with a concrete focus to protect our lands, water and the trust and agreement inclusions of sovereignty rights for a quality of life for our future generations. - "It's been said that "The only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history" and the current mining bills before the Wisconsin state legislature would perpetuate a long, tragic, and shameful history of U.S. treaty violations with Indigenous Peoples. -- The 7th Generation has begun."

#IDLE NO MORE WISCONSIN - Grateful for the support and dedication of the Overpass Light Brigade illuminating #IdleNoMore with beautiful messages bringing the community together as ONE FIRE.

Sisters and Brothers leading Idle No More Wisconsin is:
* Rachel Byington, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
* Arvina Marin, Ho Chunk Nation Diana Miller, Menominee Nation
* Sarah LittlerRedfeather, decent of the Anishinaabe, MN Chippewa Band - White Earth
* Sanford LittleEagle, Ho Chunk Nation
* Chuck Davis, Sr.
* We are in FULL Solidarity and active with IdleNoMore Milwaukee.

* One Tribe One Nation One Fire Honoring Chief Theresa Spence, and the women who started the IdleNoMore Movement.

* VAWA Indigenous Women Issues Our congress refuses to sign the VAWA Law that has the protections and rights to prosecute non-natives who abuse our Women on Tribal Lands and more, this is important. Global awareness, to Stop the Violence Against Women, Sexual Assault, lack of support for justice departments from leaders of disappearing indigenous women, and children murdered and / or sold into human trafficking.

* NO MINE IN THE PENOKEE HILLS Bad River is under attack under Mining Special Interests in Legislature, the Treaties that Protects and Preserves our Cultural Environment, Lands and the Water, honor them.

* Stop the ma'iingan (Wolf) Hunt - Wolf Hunt Desecrates Anishinaabe Creation

* Colonialism changing to Cultural Awareness and Pride - Educate and collaborate to end stereotyping, and racism in our communities; creating a support system to create confidence and positive living in our communities.
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Natives Message to Mascot & Logos in Sports Teams #HTTR Rebuke from Sarah LittleRedfeather on Vimeo.

#NotYourMascot Stadium Message

Joe Brusky Photography of the Overpass Light Brigade writes Indigenous Groups in Wisconsin Respond to Washington’s Team Trademark Cancelation  

#NotYourMascot Stadium Message 
#NotYourMascot Overpass Light Brigade IdleNoMore Wisconsin

In response to Trademark Ruling Canceling the R*DSKINS patent being deemed as “disparaging to native americans,” our Wisconsinite native community with allies’ message was a milestone celebration recognition … Its TIME and we came out to express this clear message that our culture matters. 

We are #ProudToBe Menominee, Ojibwe, Anishinaabe, Stockbridge-Munsee-Mohican, Oneida, Potawatomi, Bad River, Ho-Chunk, mother, father, sister, brother, veterans, Wisconsinites, Lacrosse players, and Supporter’s of #NotYourMascot

IdleNoMore Wisconsin | #NFL #NotYourMascot

My mind goes immediately to the historical, LITERAL meaning of the word “redskin” and I find it so shameful, so ugly, so dehumanizing. I can’t believe that anyone who calls themselves a human being, could feel good about that word, let alone lionize a team around it” - Siobhan Marks, Ojibwe

The importance about the movement in getting race based mascots and logos out of the American public representation is growing. If it was just American Indians protesting, that would be a small minority voice that is hardly heard. That is why the small and large movements like the Overpass Light Brigade taking a stance on this is huge. It reflects the multi-cultural commitment and brings the conversation to a far wider audience, than First Nations population could on their own. Thanks to all those who came out!” - Marin Webster Denningm Oneida Nation

Living as your mascot is not an honor, it is a dishonor.  If you feel you want to honor us so much, then do your homework and read the origin of the term “redskin”.  Think before you speak and you shall learn something new.  You disrespect our ancestors, our elders, and our children when you mock us.” - Kelly Murphy, Menominee Nation  

The U.S. Paton Trademark Office’s decision based upon the message of what our native communities have expressed for generations, gives us another voice which has been silenced over deep pockets of powerful organizations that drown out the communities that they are supposedly meant honor. Well, its no honor.  The U.S. Patent Office decision is a momentum milestone … our nations deserve the respect, and dignity to our cultural identity. Washington will always have their team, but our Cultural Identity should not be painted as #redface in mascots. If Blackface isn’t tolerated then why is Redface? Its the same thing. Its extremely detrimental to our native youth and its stereotyping causing pain and confusion.” 

Like the ruling states, it does, disparage to, which is an understatement, Native Americans. We are a people, not a mascot. Our Cultural Identity is Sacred, and it belongs to our communities not a NFL, MLB or NHL franchise branding. My mother, Minnesota Chippewa Band of White Earth Tribal enrolled, back in the 70’s was protesting Washington, and other mascots so its not new.”

Of course we are told to get over it, and we are being too sensitive about it. I repeat over and over, our cultural identity is sacred, and its ours to have and not meant to be painted as redface in a mascot. We were denied that for decades and in 1978, we finally were able legally to have the religious freedom which includes our cultural identity.” And, last note … Boozhoo Cleveland Indian Chief Wahoo, and Kansas Chiefs, we haven’t forgotten about you and your disgraceful stereotyping racist mascots, logos, and painted in costume fans who continue to mock our culture. - Sarah LittleRedfeather - Mother, Veteran’s Daughter, and an Ogichidaa Anishinaabekwe

CELEBRATE Our Navajo Women who took on the Washington R*dskins from Sarah LittleRedfeather on Vimeo.

When the status of a Native American is demoted to that of a caricature, we are objectified and diminished as a people. We become entertainment, not fellow citizens. How are you supposed to take me seriously if all you see is the stereotypical image of the Hollywood or sports mascot Indian? - Simon Moya-Smith 

Simon Moya-SmithVerified account


Columnist & Reporter.  & contributor. alumnus. Former  &. Oglala Lakota/Chicano commentator.

 Brooklyn, NY

Seek out the national campaign of native nations on the social media, and see their responses with their use of hastags #ProudToBe #NotYourMascot #Not4Sale #Dechief #PeopleNOTMascots You also view for more information of other native nations and allies taking action here:


Sarah LilRedfeather


I Stand with Bad River!! Graphic Designer & Passionate Innovator to inspire generations of honor and traditions for all generations.   is Life


Change The Mascot


National campaign to remove the racial epithet redskins from the name and mascot of the NFL team in Washington, D.C.

EONM Association



Dr. Adrienne K.


Writer behind Native Appropriations. ᏣᎳᎩ (Cherokee Nation), HGSE EdD 2014, studying Native higher Ed, passionate about representations of Natives.

 Phoenix, AZ
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