IdleNoMore Wisconsin

#IdleNoMore Wisconsin Sovereign Nations! for Mashkiziibii (Medicine Water) PROTECT & SERVE MOTHER EARTH - CLEAN LAND+AIR+WATER = LIFE ... STOP THE MINES ...
MISSION The, "Idle No More calls on all people to join in a revolution which honors and fulfills Indigenous sovereignty which protects the land and water." The movement wants to "stop the government from passing more laws and legislation that will further erode treaty and indigenous rights and the rights of all Indigenous people globally." - We are in Solidarity with Canada, Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin to Idle No More, Protect our Lands and Water.

~ Disclaimer ~

#IDLE NO MORE WISCONSIN - A Peaceful Movement of Integrity and Honor with a concrete focus to protect our lands, water and the trust and agreement inclusions of sovereignty rights for a quality of life for our future generations. - "It's been said that "The only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history" and the current mining bills before the Wisconsin state legislature would perpetuate a long, tragic, and shameful history of U.S. treaty violations with Indigenous Peoples. -- The 7th Generation has begun."

#IDLE NO MORE WISCONSIN - Grateful for the support and dedication of the Overpass Light Brigade illuminating #IdleNoMore with beautiful messages bringing the community together as ONE FIRE.

Sisters and Brothers leading Idle No More Wisconsin is:
* Rachel Byington, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
* Arvina Marin, Ho Chunk Nation Diana Miller, Menominee Nation
* Sarah LittlerRedfeather, decent of the Anishinaabe, MN Chippewa Band - White Earth
* Sanford LittleEagle, Ho Chunk Nation
* Chuck Davis, Sr.
* We are in FULL Solidarity and active with IdleNoMore Milwaukee.

* One Tribe One Nation One Fire Honoring Chief Theresa Spence, and the women who started the IdleNoMore Movement.

* VAWA Indigenous Women Issues Our congress refuses to sign the VAWA Law that has the protections and rights to prosecute non-natives who abuse our Women on Tribal Lands and more, this is important. Global awareness, to Stop the Violence Against Women, Sexual Assault, lack of support for justice departments from leaders of disappearing indigenous women, and children murdered and / or sold into human trafficking.

* NO MINE IN THE PENOKEE HILLS Bad River is under attack under Mining Special Interests in Legislature, the Treaties that Protects and Preserves our Cultural Environment, Lands and the Water, honor them.

* Stop the ma'iingan (Wolf) Hunt - Wolf Hunt Desecrates Anishinaabe Creation

* Colonialism changing to Cultural Awareness and Pride - Educate and collaborate to end stereotyping, and racism in our communities; creating a support system to create confidence and positive living in our communities.
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A ride to heal, remember 1862 hanging of 38 Dakota in Mankato

They ride to remember.

Traveling by horseback 330 miles from Crow Creek, S.D., to Mankato, through harsh December weather, Dakota tribal members completed this year’s Dakota Wokiksuye memorial ride on Thursday morning.

As in years past, they shared sacred sage smoke, prayers and dances to commemorate the 151st anniversary of the largest mass execution in the nation’s history. On the day after Christmas 1862, on orders signed by President Lincoln, 38 Dakota fighters were hanged in Mankato following the bloody, six-week U.S.-Dakota War.

The spot where the gallows once stood is now known as Reconciliation Park.To learn more about that tragedy and see a photo gallery of the riders, visit

DAKOTA 38 from Smooth Feather on Vimeo.

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