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#IdleNoMore Wisconsin Sovereign Nations! for Mashkiziibii (Medicine Water) PROTECT & SERVE MOTHER EARTH - CLEAN LAND+AIR+WATER = LIFE ... STOP THE MINES ...
MISSION The, "Idle No More calls on all people to join in a revolution which honors and fulfills Indigenous sovereignty which protects the land and water." The movement wants to "stop the government from passing more laws and legislation that will further erode treaty and indigenous rights and the rights of all Indigenous people globally." - We are in Solidarity with Canada, Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin to Idle No More, Protect our Lands and Water.

~ Disclaimer ~

#IDLE NO MORE WISCONSIN - A Peaceful Movement of Integrity and Honor with a concrete focus to protect our lands, water and the trust and agreement inclusions of sovereignty rights for a quality of life for our future generations. - "It's been said that "The only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history" and the current mining bills before the Wisconsin state legislature would perpetuate a long, tragic, and shameful history of U.S. treaty violations with Indigenous Peoples. -- The 7th Generation has begun."

#IDLE NO MORE WISCONSIN - Grateful for the support and dedication of the Overpass Light Brigade illuminating #IdleNoMore with beautiful messages bringing the community together as ONE FIRE.

Sisters and Brothers leading Idle No More Wisconsin is:
* Rachel Byington, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
* Arvina Marin, Ho Chunk Nation Diana Miller, Menominee Nation
* Sarah LittlerRedfeather, decent of the Anishinaabe, MN Chippewa Band - White Earth
* Sanford LittleEagle, Ho Chunk Nation
* Chuck Davis, Sr.
* We are in FULL Solidarity and active with IdleNoMore Milwaukee.

* One Tribe One Nation One Fire Honoring Chief Theresa Spence, and the women who started the IdleNoMore Movement.

* VAWA Indigenous Women Issues Our congress refuses to sign the VAWA Law that has the protections and rights to prosecute non-natives who abuse our Women on Tribal Lands and more, this is important. Global awareness, to Stop the Violence Against Women, Sexual Assault, lack of support for justice departments from leaders of disappearing indigenous women, and children murdered and / or sold into human trafficking.

* NO MINE IN THE PENOKEE HILLS Bad River is under attack under Mining Special Interests in Legislature, the Treaties that Protects and Preserves our Cultural Environment, Lands and the Water, honor them.

* Stop the ma'iingan (Wolf) Hunt - Wolf Hunt Desecrates Anishinaabe Creation

* Colonialism changing to Cultural Awareness and Pride - Educate and collaborate to end stereotyping, and racism in our communities; creating a support system to create confidence and positive living in our communities.
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"Thankgiving Eve Bash Night" - #CultureMatters, and so does appropriation out of respect. - Every Year Promotional Thanksgiving Eve Bashes they do this for example. Hard Rock Hotel (national corp. chain who should practice business without stereotyping, and racism), and include their Sponsors:

Thanksgiving Eve Bash, the drunk fest,”Dress up as your favorite Native American or Pilgrim! - Sorry folks but we respect our women.

Dress up and be Native? Hey, We Live Native, there’s no need to dress the part ! I think we should talk about Cultural Appropriation during Thanksgiving. Many do practice Thanksgiving being that its a time of harvest, and we celebrate the Harvest with our families. Who doesn’t like an amazing dinner table spread of great foods we worked hard to grow, hunt and harvest? But in the context of Drunk Fest, and Costume its inappropriate to our culture, and tradition, its stereotyping.

Facebook Event: Every Year Promotional Thanksgiving Eve Bashes they do this for example. Hard Rock Hotel (national corp. chain), and Sponsors, “Dress Like Pilgrims & Natives”

Link here via website to purchase tickets:

Hard Rock Hotel, and Sponsors needs to keep us Natives out of the Context of Thanksgiving Eve Bash Drunk Fest. Its degrading, and racist. This is a prime example of what racist derogatory offensive campaigns looks like. We are not costumes, mockery or a hipster fashion statement, we are a people. 

Thanksgiving Eve Bash, the drunk fest, ”Dress up as your favorite Native American or Pilgrim!” Peep This and Look at this, and use your heads ! So want to celebrate with us Natives, honor our women, (Clubs and Bars and D.J.s)? Leave us natives out the stereotypes, mascots, and stupid demeaning costumes, and let’s dance as human beings, not demeaning stereotyped context. 

Check out Tribe Called Red who will better serve the purpose, if a club wants to truly represent, and be culturally appropriate in the context of Native people … dance it Tribe Called Red style, and leave out the costume: Until then, KNOCK IT OFF.


CHECK OUT THE LINK ! Let alone have these people actually learned the true history about Thanksgiving? Probably not obviously. 

Great read here »——> IDLE NO MORE!

The Truth About Thanksgiving: Brainwashing of the American History Textbook —— From the Author (by Mast Qalander): “I did not write this article with intentions to offend or say we shouldn’t celebrate “Thanksgiving.” None of us are responsible for the atrocious deaths of Natives and Europeans. None of us caused the plague or the massacres. But as human beings, I do feel that it’s important for us to approach history with honesty and sensitivity. Perhaps some of you don’t believe this history is relevant to you, but I would strongly argue that a history that is not inclusive is a dangerously racist and prejudice one. Yes, we should spend time with our families and Loved ones, and yes, we should be grateful and thankful for all that we have, but not at the expense of ignoring an entire race of people, their culture, and their history. The fact that history textbooks and schools try to glorify the Pilgrims while omitting significant facts about the Natives represents that there is a lot to improve in the United States. Let us not become blinded by super-patriotism or blowout sales of “Black Friday.” Let us give some thought to the Native people, learn from their struggles, and embolden ourselves to stand up against racism and genocide in all forms.”

"They deserve your attention."

The ugly truth is that many Pilgrims were thankful and grateful that the Native population was decreasing. Even worse, there was the Pequot Massacre in 1637, which started after the colonists found a murdered white man in his boat. Ninety armed settlers burned a Native village, along with their crops, and then demanded the Natives to turn in the murderers. When the Natives refused, a massacre followed.

Captain John Mason and his colonist army surrounded a fortified Pequot village and reportedly shouted: “We must burn them! Such a dreadful terror let the Almighty fall upon their spirits that they would flee from us and run into the very flames. Thus did the Lord Judge the heathen, filling the place with dead bodies.” The surviving Pequot were hunted and slain.

The Governor of Plymouth, William Bradford, further elaborates:

Those that escaped the fire were slain with the sword; some hewed to pieces, others run through with their rapiers, so that they were quickly dispatched and very few escaped. It was conceived they thus destroyed about 400 at this time. It was a fearful sight to see them thus frying in the fire…horrible was the stink and scent thereof, but the victory seemed a sweet sacrifice, and they gave the prayers thereof to God, who had wrought so wonderfully for them.

Perhaps most disturbingly, it is strongly argued by many historians that the Pequot Massacre led to the “Thanksgiving” festivities. The day after the massacre, the aforementioned Governor Massachusetts Bay Colony declared: “A day of Thanksgiving, thanking God that they had eliminated over 700 men, women and children.” It was signed into law that, “This day forth shall be a day of celebration and thanksgiving for subduing the Pequots.”

Now, one may ask: What about Squanto, the Wampanoag man who learned to speak English and helped the hungry, ill, and poor Pilgrims? As cited by Professor Loewen, an American high school textbook called “Land of Promise” reads:

Squanto had learned their language, the author explained, from English fishermen who ventured into the New England waters each summer. Squanto taught the Pilgrims how to plant corn, squash, and pumpkins. Would the small band of settlers have survived without Squanto’s help? We cannot say. But by the fall of 1621, colonists and Indians could sit down to several days of feast and thanksgiving to God (later celebrated as the first Thanksgiving).

Note that this text states the first Thanksgiving was on 1621. Indeed, there was a feast on that year, but it was not called a “Thanksgiving feast” nor was it repeated until years later after the Pequot Massacre in 1637.


#IDLENOMORE! #Culture Matters

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